Bolivia offers the traveler breathtaking landscapes of incomparable beauty. However, it is its people and their relationship with their environment that makes Bolivia a magical place to discover. This book photographically explores this relationship between humanity and geography in a fascinating region of the planet where the past meets the present.

Glen Margaret Publishing | ISBN 0-929427-64-2

BOLIVIA (Second Edition)

Following the succes of its first edition, the second edition of the BOLIVIA book offers three additional chapters and new photographs throughout the book with the intention to broaden knowledge of Bolivia, its natural wonders, culture and people.

Glen Margaret Publishing | ISBN 978-1-897462-26-3
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Illimani is an iconic symbol for Bolivians. Revered since ancient times, the mountain is far more than a geological landmark. It is a sacred entity, deeply embedded in the country's psyche. Inspired by the Hokusai's woodblock prints of Mount Fuji, this book captures Illimani's interaction with the land, the sky, an the people who live and die under its everlasting presence. The twenty four vistas record Illimani's many faces and moods as they change with time and viewpoint.

Glen Margaret Publishing | ISBN 978-1-897462-17-1
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SARIRI (Spanish Edition)

The Aymara word sariri describes a traveler, not a tourist but a pilgrim. In this travel journal, Ivar Mendez presents fourteen stories of his travels along the roads of Bolivia, exploring and transporting us from the snowy peaks of the Andes to the tropical forests of the east, from territories that were once Bolivia and are now Chile and Paraguay. His narrative reflects a glance, highly personal, of times and places that caught his attention and stimulated the imagination. That deep connection with the Bolivian geography, people and their culture was and is the centre of his identity.

SPC Impresores S.A. | ISBN 978-99954-2-936-2


This catalogue was produced for the exhibition Two Worlds – One Spirit / Deux mondes – un esprit presented at the Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, from September 14 to October 16, 2011. This exhibition merges the worlds of the Canadian Arctic with the Bolivian Andes. Although these worlds are geographically distant, common threads of culture, spirituality and landscape find their way into the artistic expression and creativity of the artist. Employing bronze sculpture and photography, Ivar Mendez brings the spiritual energy of the Canadian Arctic and the Bolivian Andes.

Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec | ISBN 978-2-920237-42-1


This book combines the original recipes of Quinoa dishes by renowned Bolivian gastronomy expert Rita Del Solar and the photography of Ivar Mendez. Twenty-one recipes of traditional and modern quinoa dishes are explained in detail. A historical essay on Quinoa, considered the “golden grain” by the Incas and Quinoa facts are also part of this very practical book.

ISBN: 978-99954-2-319-3
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SARIRI   (Open Website)

The Aymara people of the Bolivian Andes have a word that describes Ivar Mendez’s nature as a traveller: sariri. A sariri is one who travels not only to visit new places but to explore and seek new knowledge—a pilgrim on a spiritual quest, a traveller in search of new horizons, adventures, and cultures. "As a sariri, I have wandered on foot through remote regions of the Andes and navigated splendid Amazonian waterways surrounded by lush biodiversity. I have immersed myself in Indigenous communities whose traditions and rituals remain unchanged from pre-Columbian times. I have also witnessed extreme poverty, especially in regions far from urban centres, that profoundly impacts children, the most vulnerable population. " The twenty essays presented in this book represent an individual perspective on the moments and places that caught my attention and stimulated my imagination.".

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