Travels Through Bolivia

Author: Ivar Mendez

Sariri is a word in the Aymara language that describes  Ivar Mendez’s nature as a traveller. A sariri is one who travels not only to visit new places, but to explore and seek new knowledge—a pilgrim on a spiritual quest, a  traveller in search of new horizons, adventures, and cultures. Through a personal lens and his experiences,  Mendez takes the reader to rarely visited places in the mountains of the Bolivian Andes and in the lush forests of the Bolivian Amazon. The twenty essays presented in this book open a window to the magic of Bolivia, a  window that could lead to a greater understating of the country, its people, culture, and geography. 

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Sariri Travels Map

The Chakana

The chakana, also called the Andean Cross or Inca Cross, is an ancient, sacred, polytheistic geometric symbol layered in meaning. Its equally sized stepped arms represent concepts that include the months and seasons, the four compass directions, the four elements-earth, air, fire, and water-and the four main stars of the Southern Cross constellation, believed by the Inca to be the centre of the universe.

In Sariri, the chakana connects each chapter number with the corresponding map location.



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